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Bro, I bet an motion sensor night light is exactly what your home needs!

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If you're dissatisfied with the current lighting arrangement at home, like your wardrobe placed in a dimly-lit corner without a light source, making it hard to find clothes, or waking up in the middle of the night needing to turn on the lights to grab a glass of water, and stumbling around in the dark to the bathroom, you're not alone.

Turning on the lights is jarring and disrupts sleep, while navigating in the dark can lead to bumping into furniture and bruises.

But placing a small motion sensor night light can solve these inconveniences and troubles.

No wiring, no drilling, simply install it wherever you want in three easy steps.

Step 1: Clean the installation surface thoroughly.
Step 2: Peel off the 3M adhesive on the back of the fixing iron strip and stick it to the installation location.
Step 3: Directly attach the motion sensor night light onto the fixed iron strip to complete the installation.
Once installed, it comes with a built-in motion sensor. When the ambient light is low, it automatically lights up as someone approaches. After the person moves away, it turns off automatically after about 20 seconds, no manual intervention needed throughout the process!
1.Automatically lights up without needing a touch.
The greatest thing about using motion sensor night light is the convenience. You don't need to touch a switch; once you step into the night light's detection range, it automatically turns on and slowly fades when you leave.
This night light has highly sensitive detection, responding to both motion and light levels. It only activates in dim environments when someone enters its detection range.

Using a mesh-like sensing probe and high-quality, high-precision components, this sensor offers stability and wide coverage. It has a wide 110° detection angle and a range of 3 meters, ensuring precise detection. In dim environments, when someone passes by the smart sensor light, it automatically illuminates.
After the person leaves, it takes about 20 seconds to automatically turn off.
2.Two modes, switch as you wish!

This motion sensor night light also has two modes: "steady light + sensor." Set it to steady light mode and it doubles as an emergency light.

In sensor mode placed at the entrance, it lights up immediately upon opening the door—no more fumbling in the dark to turn on the lights, significantly enhancing the happiness of coming home.

Placed by the bedside, the light automatically turns on as you get out of bed, offering soft, non-glaring illumination to light your path.

Wardrobes, cabinets, shoe racks—these light-deprived spaces definitely need one! Whether picking clothes or searching for items, it's incredibly convenient. Areas that regular lights can't reach are easily illuminated by these motion-sensing lights.
3.Soft Light, Eye Care

The light source adopts premium LED bulbs for uniform and non-glaring illumination.
High brightness, quick heat dissipation, surpassing ordinary bulbs in overall performance.

Designed for diffused lighting, preventing direct light exposure at night and avoiding eye discomfort.
Bro, what are you waiting for? Take action now!

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