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During an earthquake, Motion Sensor Led Light brings hope.?

According to the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, as of 9 a.m. local time on January 2nd, 8 people have died in the earthquake in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

After an earthquake, multiple aftershocks might occur, exacerbating the situation. To prevent further harm, overcome fear, maintain survival belief, stabilize, improve surroundings, and try to escape. If unable to escape immediately, adhere to the following:

1.Ensure Unobstructed Breathing

Attempt to free your hands from debris. Clear away debris from around your head, chest, and mouth and nose area. Move aside larger debris nearby to avoid getting injured or suffocated by dust from collapsing structures. Cover your mouth and nose with damp clothing if you smell gas or other toxic fumes. Avoid using open flames to prevent igniting flammable gases and try to minimize unsafe conditions.
Stay away from unstable debris above your body and other objects that might fall. Expand and stabilize your survival space by bracing remaining walls with bricks, wooden sticks, etc., to prevent further deterioration of the environment in case of aftershocks.

2.Finding an Exit Route

If there's no clear escape route, conserve energy. Use rocks to create noise by hitting objects to signal for help. Avoid shouting, impatience, or acting recklessly, which can drain your energy significantly. Try to maintain emotional control or rest with closed eyes while awaiting rescue. If injured, attempt to dress wounds to prevent excessive bleeding.

3.Sustaining Life

If trapped under rubble for an extended period without rescue or without having been heard, try to sustain yourself. Conserve emergency supplies like water and food. Search for food and drinkable water and, if necessary, consider using your own urine to sustain yourself.
Give Yourself Encouragement:
Believe that you can overcome this challenge. Mental encouragement is crucial in certain situations. Having several motion sensor night light at home is a great idea. Apart from fulfilling the automatic sensor needs at night, these lights can also serve as emergency lights. In darkness, light symbolizes hope; as long as there's light, there's hope.

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