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I need 10 motion sensor night lights, essential for this corner.

In everyday life, what are the small details that affect comfort? Certainly, poor lighting is one of them.

In addition to the main lighting, motion sensor night light at home are equally essential. Places like cabinets, hallways, kitchens, and entryways, which often have dim lighting, greatly benefit from additional lighting.

Installing motion sensor night lightthat illuminate instantly, require no installation, and offer adjustable lighting modes in these areas not only provide great convenience in daily life but are also essential gadgets for any home.

The most practical application for wireless motion sensor night light is the infrared night light. With body motion detection, there's no need to search for switches in the middle of the night. It allows people to see clearly without being fully awakened by bright lights, preventing complete wakefulness and making it easier to fall back asleep.

Coming home, walking through hallways, late-night bathroom trips, or quickly retrieving items from storage cabinets – all these situations no longer require fumbling in the dark to find switches or worrying about forgetting to turn off the lights.

Multiple modes to choose from:
You can select the constant lighting mode for situations where you need continuous light in low-lit areas or during emergencies. Alternatively, choose the motion sensor mode for installation in hallways, bedside, cabinets, and more.
Entrance Hall:
No more stumbling in the dark when coming home. Lights turn on as you open the door, instantly welcoming you with warmth as you step in at night.

Hallway & Bedside:
No more fear of bumping into things at night when getting up. Plus, the soft light won't hurt your eyes at all.

Shoe cabinets & Cupboards:
Having one in the shoe cabinet, cupboard, or wardrobe makes finding things a lot more convenient.

Bedside companion:
Afraid of the dark or feeling insecure at night? Just switch on its continuous light mode and let it accompany you through every night.

Wireless, no-installation-needed, just use the accompanying 3M adhesive + small metal piece to stick it, providing additional light without damaging the wall. Additionally, with a built-in magnet at the back, it easily attaches to metal surfaces like refrigerators or washing machines.

For areas like balconies, hallways, or entryways, these motion sensor night light are far more convenient than those needing manual switches. They detect movement briefly—lights up when someone enters and turns off when they leave, ensuring no need to worry about forgetting to turn off the light.

Compared to motion sensor night light initially installed with wiring, these self-adhesive, no-installation-needed lights spare you the hassle of repairs if they get damaged.

For households initially not considering installing motion sensor night light, the no-installation feature adds to its convenience. Equipped with a semi-circular sensor head, it’s highly responsive, illuminating upon detecting movement 24/7.

In dimly lit areas with human activity, the motion sensor night light automatically turns on based on the ambient light, remaining off during daylight hours even if there's movement.

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