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Is it okay to use a night light for a baby's sleep

Many parents use a night light to facilitate taking care of their children at night, but it's generally better to avoid using a night light as much as possible. It's preferable to let the child fall asleep in a relatively dim or dark environment.

The impact of using a night light for a baby's sleep includes:

  1. Sleep Disruption: Using a night light can make the child restless, affecting the quality of sleep.
  2. Growth and Development: The use of a night light can disrupt the normal secretion of melatonin in the body, and reduced melatonin secretion can impact the child's growth and development.
  3. Visual Development: Sleeping with a night light, due to exposure to light, keeps the child's retinas and the muscles around the eyes in a state of insufficient rest. Prolonged exposure may affect the child's visual development, leading to early-onset myopia.
If you must use a night light, try to choose one with lower power or one that emits dimmer light. Additionally, placing the night light lower, preferably below the level of the bed, creates a subdued light atmosphere. It's also advisable to minimize the duration the night light is on to reduce its impact on the child.

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