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What Worries You Most When Going to Bed at Night?


My friend, Jackie, wakes up in the middle of the night due to the need to use the restroom. Jackie has no choice but to get up and deal with it. However, it's pitch dark, and Jackie has to turn on the light, but it's too bright, making it impossible to open their eyes. Consequently, Jackie finds it impossible to go back to sleep afterward.


According to statistics, 75% of seniors have a habit of getting up at night. Due to their inconvenience in movement, they encounter weaker lighting, leading to a higher risk of accidents like collisions or falls.

Children sleeping alone at night may wake up crying as they fear the darkness; turning on the overhead light can hurt their delicate eyes.

You need a motion sensor corridor light that doesn't produce noise, require you to walk over and press buttons, or depend on controlling it with your phone. It lights up when you walk past.

What are the features of the Motion Sensor LED Light?

1.Dual Sensors for Human and Light Control

It's an "intelligent" Motion Sensor LED Light that uses both human infrared sensors and light control technology.
In low-light conditions, it intelligently detects human movement within a 1 to 6-meter range and automatically lights up..

2. Light On When You Get Up, Off When You're Back in Bed

Smartly sensing human activity, the light turns on when you get up. If it detects movement during this time, the light will remain on. 

When you leave, it automatically shuts off after 15 to 150 seconds, a very user-friendly delay design.

3. Illuminates Ground Without Glare

Different from the sudden glaring light at night, this night light emits soft side-lighting, illuminating the ground when it senses movement, avoiding harsh brightness.

It consumes minimal power, just 0.2W. If it's lit for two hours a day, it consumes only 2 degrees of electricity in a year!

Installing the Motion Sensor LED Light under the bed ensures there's no darkness when getting up.
Installing it near the sink prevents glare when using the bathroom.
Installing it in closets or cabinets eliminates the need to fumble in the dark, making it convenient and elegant.



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