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If you're a man, you must shave your head!

How great is a shaved head? And what untold stories lie behind it? Let's go!

Is a shaved head an obstacle holding you back from breaking limits?

Does a shaved head possess magic? Do you become stronger once your head is bare? This story originates from 'One Punch Man's' Saitama, who said during a battle with Asura Rhino, 'I've gone bald, but I've become stronger too.'"

The reason is, Saitama used to be a man with abundant hair, but after three years of intense training, he broke through to an invincible state. If you're a stickler for details, you can 'spot' Saitama gradually going bald in the manga during his process of getting stronger.

About 'I've gone bald, but I've become stronger,' it's not just in the manga! For example, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson used to have hair on his head before becoming a WWE wrestler, and he wasn't as muscular back then.

Later on, he transformed into a super movie star and a muscular hunk, and little by little, his hair vanished.

Here's a challenge for you! If you can guess who this is, I'll admit defeat! The following screenshot is from the diving event at the 1990 Commonwealth Games. He was once a diver with a bit of hair!

Surprising, isn't it? This former youthful diver is none other than the present bald tough guy, Jason Statham. Crossing over from sports to movies, his skills grew stronger, his hair lessened, but it didn't diminish his charismatic appeal."

Here's another one: before shaving his head, Samuel L. Jackson was just a henchman of the mob boss Marsellus Wallace in 'Pulp Fiction.'

But once he went bald, he became a pivotal figure in the entire Marvel series, one of the founders of the Avengers, and the director of the powerful S.H.I.E.L.D., Nicholas Joseph Fury! Hair sure is a magical thing.

In the realm of 'going bald made me stronger' in sports, we can't forget Michael Jordan! This is his college ID card from his university days, a standard hair-having boy.
When he entered the NBA, Jordan still had a full head of hair. However, like sand slipping through one's fingers, on May 7, 1989, with just 3 seconds left in the game, the Bulls were trailing by one point. In the final moments, Jordan made an 18-foot jump shot, securing a 101-100 victory for the Bulls. This shot, known as 'The Shot,' represents Jordan's pivotal career baskets and is a classic moment in NBA history. You can see that by then, Jordan was already sporting a shining bald head.
In the realm of fashion, there are plenty of bald icons. Take Errolson Hugh, the head behind ACRONYM®. When he first established the brand, he sported long hair, a bit of a 'recluse' style – unique, but not as visually impactful as the 'bald guy' he later became.

In ACRONYM®'s lookbook, the model is none other than Hugh himself. After shaving his head, it seems the brand's popularity continued to rise.

Two other notable bald figures in the fashion circle include Jeff Staple. Want the pigeon to fly higher? You've gotta go bald!

While writing this piece, Abyssglow also noticed that many members of Kanye West's Donda creative team sport the bald look, notably Virgil Abloh.

Another member, Samuel Ross, the brain behind A-COLD-WALL*, is also a bald icon. Well, it seems there's no shortage of bald heads in the fashion world

The notorious baldies? Skinheads!

With so many bald styles both inside and outside the fashion world, did they shave their heads out of necessity? Not quite! Some "bald guys" did so voluntarily because being bald also has its rebellious history.
In 1966, the British Mods group split into two factions. One was the Peacock Mods, known for less violence and a penchant for trends. The other was the Hard Mods, recognized for shorter hairstyles and a more working-class appearance. In 1968, the term "Skinhead" replaced Hard Mods, although not all members had fully shaved heads; shorter haircuts like the buzz cut and crew cut were common among Skinheads.

The influx of Jamaican immigrants brought the Rude Boys culture. As working-class individuals, they chose shorter hair to set themselves apart from middle-class hippies who embraced longer locks.

They grooved to Jamaican ska music, sported American military brand ALPHA's MA-1 JACKET or iconic suspenders, paired with working-class denim trousers and DR. MARTENS' iconic 1460 boots. Their attire established a distinct and vivid clothing faction — the Skinhead Style.

The story of the movie "Trainspotting" unfolds in 1960s Edinburgh, Scotland, where Mark Renton exudes a Skinhead style.

Unfortunately, by the 1980s, due to factors like group diffusion, the Skinhead movement started to become "dirty." Starting from the 1990s, extreme youth in Eastern European countries like East Germany, Spain, Finland, and Russia, donning the appearance of Skinheads, engaged in violent activities, leading the Skinhead community to be associated with bloody and destructive actions.

Today, there are numerous fashion collections inspired by Skinhead culture within the fashion circle. Some carry historical significance. Though Gosha Rubchinskiy is no longer releasing new collections, the Skinhead Style revived by it in the past few years remains memorable. The founder himself embodies the ethos of the Skinhead Style, and knowing he hails from Russia explains the Skinhead elements found in his designs.

Fashion photographer Ari Versluis crafted a photographic series merging old-school hip-hop with British Skinhead culture.

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