May this winter, let the Salt Decorative Night Lights warm your body and soul, bringing deep healing. - abyssglow

May this winter, let the Salt Decorative Night Lights warm your body and soul, bringing deep healing.

Himalayan Salt Lamp - A Hymn to Nature 読む May this winter, let the Salt Decorative Night Lights warm your body and soul, bringing deep healing. 5 分 Will leaving a night light on at night really stunt a child's growth?

Only by relaxing can one adjust the cluttered mind.

And a glowing orange salt lamp can provide such tranquility. Sitting in its glow, combined with quiet meditation, it can offer a sense of calmness and relaxation. Throughout the process, breathing becomes steady and calm, thoughts turn peaceful, and attention naturally focuses on the present moment.

What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

When you think of the Himalayas, what comes to mind? Is it the snow-capped mountains or the towering peaks?

Did you know that hundreds of millions of years ago, the Himalayan region was once covered by a vast ocean? After thousands of years of tectonic movement, it transformed into the Himalayan mountain range we see today.

Through the passage of time, the sun evaporated the seawater, leaving behind crystallized sea salt. Over millions of years of geological pressure and underground heat, this salt combined with minerals in the earth to form a "salt fossil." This region boasts the world's largest and purest deposits of rose salt.

European explorers discovered this unique stone and began using it as a material for lamps. Thus, the mystical and beautiful crystal salt lamp was born and became popular in Europe. This is what we now refer to as the Himalayan salt lamp.

I have reviewed a considerable amount of literature on salt lamps and found a scientific study published in the "Pakistan Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" in 2010, confirming the Himalayan salt lamp's ability to alleviate anxiety.

In this paper, scholars conducted experiments on 24 male rats, demonstrating that salt lamps may be a beneficial tool for alleviating anxiety, relieving depressive symptoms, and improving memory.

While salt lamps are not medical devices, their color and light waves have a regulatory effect on human mind and body, promoting emotional balance and relaxation.

They are also used in meditation rooms and massage parlors, providing a sense of tranquility to the users. Furthermore, some psychotherapists and analysts abroad widely use them in therapy sessions.

I am particularly interested in their calming, mood-enhancing, and soothing effects. Additionally, their aesthetic appeal makes them an excellent home decor accessory.

The Kindness of Salt Lamps:

🌟 Shield from Electromagnetic Radiation: When lit, crystal salt lamps emit frequencies known as "Schumann waves," which naturally adjust and suppress the high-frequency electromagnetic waves produced by electronics. Placing a salt lamp on a desk or near a computer can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.

🌟 Air Purification, Odor Removal: Salt itself has excellent cleansing and purifying abilities. Crystal salt lamps can purify the air, remove smoke and odor, and absorb and eliminate dust mites, pollen, etc. They are especially suitable for friends with respiratory problems.

🌟 Eye-Friendly Illumination: The soft and pleasing natural light of crystal salt lamps is unmatched by any artificial lighting. Orange-red, light yellow, milky white—different colors have different physiological and psychological therapeutic effects, effectively relieving eye strain and providing comfort to the eyes.

🌟 Safe Night Light for Children's Rooms: Salt lamps are also the best night lights for children's rooms. A small salt lamp can be placed by a child's bedside, serving as a gentle "little angel" to prevent children from being disturbed by the darkness of the night.

🌟 Tranquil Home Decor: Whether it's Nordic or Southeast Asian-style home decor, Himalayan salt lamps can seamlessly blend into any atmosphere. A lamp is not just a decoration but also a way of life. The elegant and soft halo of light will create a quiet and harmonious atmosphere, shielding distractions, returning to tranquility, and conveying the feelings of health and beauty to the mind and body.

How to Use Salt Lamps?

✦ At Night

If you're accustomed to having a night light on while sleeping, a Himalayan salt lamp is a great choice. Before going to bed, turn off all the bright lights in the room and light up only the salt lamp, enjoying its soft and warm glow.

✦ During Meditation

The warm glow of a salt lamp not only induces sleepiness but also calms the mind during meditation. Scientists conducting experiments on mice found that mice exposed to salt lamps for extended periods exhibited signs of anti-depression and anti-anxiety.

While this may not necessarily mean it has the same effect on humans, the relaxing and soothing atmosphere provided by the salt lamp balances emotions and enhances energy levels, making it an excellent tool for meditation.

✦ While Working

Where should you place the salt lamp? Think about where you spend most of your time apart from the bedroom—most likely, it's the office.

Salt lamps can relieve eye strain and release work-related stress, subtly increasing productivity. Plus, the warm and gentle light helps soothe emotions and relax the mind during busy work hours.


  1. When the indoor air humidity is high, remember to keep the salt lamp on continuously, or else the moisture in the air will make the lamp "sweat." You'll notice the base becoming damp, as it releases its tears.
  2. Himalayan salt lamps require proper maintenance. Salt rocks absorb dust from the room's air, so remember to clean them regularly. Otherwise, pollutants from the air will stick to the lamp's surface. Use a vacuum cleaner or a clean soft brush to gently wipe the lamp when cleaning. Avoid using wet cloths!