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Why do you need the Purificador De Aire Night Light?

Negative ions are referred to as the "vitamins of the air."

Negative ions can facilitate the synthesis and storage of vitamins in the human body, strengthen and activate physiological activities, and are therefore known as the "vitamins of the air." It is believed that, like food vitamins, negative ions have a significant impact on the life activities of humans and other organisms.
These ions are more abundant in parks, rural fields, seaside areas, lakes, waterfalls, and forests. Therefore, when people enter these areas, they often experience a refreshed mind, comfortable breathing, and a pleasant feeling. However, entering noisy and crowded places or indoor spaces with air conditioning can make people feel stuffy and have difficulty breathing.

Effects of Negative Ions on Diseases

1.Mechanism of Action on the Cardiovascular System

Clinical trials have shown that small-sized negative ions dilate coronary arteries, increase coronary blood flow, regulate heart rate to restore normal vascular response and blood flow velocity, alleviate angina, and have a positive effect on restoring normal blood pressure. Through electrocardiography and X-rays, it has been observed that small-sized negative ions effectively improve heart function and alleviate myocardial malnutrition conditions.

2.Mechanism of Action on the Nervous System

Clinical trials indicate that air-borne small-sized negative ions reduce the levels of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) in the brain and tissues by promoting the oxidative deamination of monoamine oxidase (MAO). This leads to significant physiological changes in the endocrine and nervous systems, exerting a beneficial regulatory effect on the central nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. Consequently, it can improve cortical brain function, invigorate the mind, alleviate fatigue, enhance work efficiency, improve sleep, and increase appetite.

3.Mechanism of Action on the Respiratory System

Clinical studies have found that negative oxygen ions effectively enhance the ciliary movement of the tracheal mucosal epithelium, influence the activity of respiratory enzymes within the epithelial villi, improve secretion function in the alveoli, and enhance pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange. This results in alleviating bronchial spasms, increasing lung capacity, adjusting respiratory frequency, and acting as an expectorant, among other effects.

4.Effects of Negative Ions on Malignant Tumors

Firstly, numerous medical studies and clinical trials have shown that the deprivation of electrons from the body's cells is the source of various diseases. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are substances lacking electrons (unsaturated electron substances). When they enter the body, they compete for electrons everywhere. If they take away electrons from cell protein molecules, causing alkylation and forming distorted molecules, it leads to carcinogenesis.

These distorted molecules, lacking electrons themselves, then seek to take electrons from nearby molecules, causing distortions in adjacent molecules and leading to carcinogenesis. In this way, a vicious cycle is formed with a large number of distorted protein molecules. When these distorted protein molecules replicate during proliferation, gene mutations occur, resulting in a large number of cancer cells and eventually the development of cancer. When free radicals or distorted molecules snatch electrons from genes, it directly leads to cancer.

Negative ions and their purifying effect on the air

The deterioration of the air environment is mainly due to the imbalance in the concentration of positive and negative ions. The air contains harmful gases, smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria, etc. Negative ions can regulate the concentration of positive and negative ions in the air and purify the air.

The Role of Air Purification

Negative ions can cause microscopic dust particles in the air, invisible to the naked eye, to form clusters through the attraction and collision of positive and negative ions, leading them to settle on the ground. Additionally, negative ions can invert the dualism of bacterial proteins, causing a decrease in their survival capability or even death.
The characteristics of air purification by negative ions include a rapid deactivation speed and a high deactivation rate. It has a deactivating effect on microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses on the surface of air and objects.

This Purificador De Aire Night Light can also be used as a night light. It automatically releases negative ions during the day, and the light turns on automatically when it gets dark. It serves as a great night light option.