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Is a night light power-consuming, and is it good for health?

In the rapidly developing electrical appliance industry, a wide variety of products, such as Decorative Night Lights and Motion Sensor Led Lights, have been introduced to the market. There is a diverse range of styles, particularly in the case of night lights, making them essential fixtures in every household.

So, are night lights power-consuming, and is it good for the body to keep them on at night? Let's explore together with Abyssglow.

Is a night light power-consuming?

If a night light has only a 1W fluorescent lamp, it means it consumes 1 watt-hour of electricity per hour. Considering that 1 kilowatt-hour (kw.h) equals 1000 watts per hour, using it for 8 hours in one night results in 8 watts, which is 1000 divided by 8 kw.h of electricity. Even if used continuously for a month (30 days), it won't exceed 1 kw.h of electricity.

The power of night lights on the market is typically between 3 to 5 watts. This means approximately 72W to 120W per day, resulting in about 2160W to 3600W per month, or roughly 2.16 kw.h to 3.6 kw.h. If the electricity cost is 10 cents per kw.h, it would be around 30 cents, so night lights are not power-consuming.

Is it good to use a night light while sleeping?

  • Dispels Yin energy:
In general, the atmosphere is heavier with Yin energy during the night. If a person's living space lacks sufficient light, it is more susceptible to invasion by Yin energy. Typically, those affected by Yin energy invasion may exhibit weakness and fatigue. Sleeping with a night light can directly help avoid the impact of excessive Yin energy.

  • Enhances aura:
During sleep, a person's aura is very weak. It is essential to have items that can enhance the aura. A night light is one such item that can uplift the aura and improve the quality of the sleeper.

  • Provides a sense of security:
Night lights generally emit soft light, creating a comforting environment. For those who are afraid of the dark, having a night light indoors can instantly provide a sense of security, promoting peaceful sleep.


Article Summary: Alright, that wraps up today's sharing from Abyssglow on whether night lights consume electricity and whether using them at night is beneficial for the body. For friends who need more information, please continue to follow Abyssglow. We'll have even more exciting content coming your way in the future.


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